Villas in Phuket with private pool

Thailand is now considered one of the world’s most appealing destinations for private villa rentals and Islands like Phuket offers some of the most stunning private holiday homes on the planet.

The island’s laid back tropical lifestyle, attractive beaches and welcoming local population have made it a top vacation choice for couples, families, groups of friends in search of exclusive accommodation and personal services. Direct flights from multiple destinations supported by swift and easy access to various locations on the island from the airport also make Phuket a convenient place to travel to year round.

The choice of private villas on Phuket is now vast and diverse. Most properties come with their own private pool but designs, sizes and attached facilities vary significantly depending on the owner, the villa management company and, of course, the location. Some of Phuket’s larger private rental properties sleep more than ten people and almost all of the properties available for rent come with a private pool.

The advantages of a private pool are numerous and include everything from cleanliness to maintenance. A private pool terrace is also an ideal venue for a relaxed family gathering or celebration, and groups of friends or business associates also appreciate the added space and privacy that comes with such an exclusive communal space.

Property owners generally hire and train managers and maintenance staff to look after their rental villas year round. This means the pool is kept in pristine condition, even when no one is staying at the property, which guarantees a fresh experience for each new set of rental guests.

Most of the swimming pools in Phuket’s private villas boast infinity designs, which give the impression that the water is pouring into the stunning tropical views. The properties are generally framed in lush landscaped tropical gardens that mirror the natural surroundings and almost elevate the swimming pool to the status of a private spring.

A significant number of Phuket rental villas feature huge private pools that provide guests with a daily focus for relaxation and fun. Salt and fresh water pools are increasingly installed at private villas to help ensure a healthy stay. These pools offer a modern, natural alternative to chlorine and other chemicals.

The joy of swimming in your own private pool without being disturbed or splashed by people you have never met is a luxury that’s hard to ignore. Parents also have the opportunity to enjoy the smiles on their kid’s faces as they mess about in the water without excessive concerns for their personal safety.

Expansive beachside pools are a particular favourite and villas that include these are increasingly popular with groups of friends sharing an idyllic island holiday. More secluded romantic properties not only come with a private swimming pool for guests to enjoy in blissful privacy; they also often feature large bathtubs, outdoor rain showers and sometime offer seaview Jacuzzis for the ultimate romantic indulgence.