Phuket private villas for rent

All over Thailand, private holiday villas are now offered for rent on either a short or longer-term basis, with larger island’s like Phuket offering the lion’s share of luxurious properties, some of them enhanced by the services of a personal chef and professional housekeeping team.

Phuket has seen a significant rise in the number of rental villas available to guests over the last few years. The island's stunning natural beauty and wide variety of activities and attractions continues to attract visitors from around the world in search of a memorable holiday in paradise.

There are villas of varied sizes and designs peppered around the island. Many of them built to the international standards of quality and comfort with professional management teams in charge of maintenance and upkeep. The best private villas on Phuket boast striking architectural features and are surrounded by well-tended landscaped gardens and a good number of properties have been built using natural, local sourced materials.

Phuket villa guests can immerse themselves in luxury from the moment they check into their private holiday home with individual requests swiftly met by the in-villa hospitality team and private excursions easily arranged through the villa manager of villa concierge. Many of the larger rental villas on Phuket employ live-in staff, which means certain services are available around the clock.

Some of the larger Phuket rental villas can accommodate wedding parties and provide the perfect venues for special celebrations, but there are also more intimate properties available, ideal for an exclusive romantic getaway.

Guests keen to enjoy a very private holiday experience can arrange for a personal chef to prepare exquisite daily meals and the villa’s housekeeping tea will ensure the property remains clean and tidy throughout the stay.

Thailand continues to attract vast numbers of visitors from around the world and a large percentage of travellers choose Phuket as their preferred island destination. This makes private rental villas a particularly attractive accommodation option as they offer the chance to relax in total peace and privacy – far from the busy tourist centres, yet close enough to the main natural and cultural attractions to guarantee a varied, enjoyable and memorable private vacation.