Phuket Luxury Beachfront Villas to Rent

The proliferation of private luxury beachfront and hillside holiday villas to rent in Phuket has sparked an accompanying boom in the interior design industry in Phuket and other Thai luxury resorts. Exquisite Asian artwork and furnishings are combined to create the perfect holiday experience for visiting guests. The subtle mix of the best of East and West had earned some beachfront and hillside villas to rent a place in the New York Times’ ‘Great Homes of the World’ listing.

A preference for white, grey and black minimalist Asian decor in luxury villas is often off set with brightly coloured, locally-painted, artworks. Plush furnishings complete the overall ambience of these luxury holiday rental villas. Sleek kitchen and bathroom designs, colour changing privacy glass and landscaped infinity pools also all combine to give every luxury private rental villa in Phuket, whether beachfront or hillside, an unrivalled air of ultimate decadence, which is what makes the island so popular with both Western and Asian visitors. Modern open-plan architecture suits the Asian experience well, where families generally live in one or two main rooms, as well as outside. But the luxury villa rental market has not stopped at just beautifying the main living spaces. It has added home cinemas, outdoor salas and bathrooms, sunken sitting rooms, and many other features seemingly direct from the pages of homes and gardens magazines. For the beachfront villas the outdoor living space generally floats effortlessly into the palm-fringed white sands.

Upside down luxury villas are common, with bedrooms and main bathrooms on the lower floors, and the main living areas situated upstairs, to take advantage of the generally jaw-dropping views. Bedrooms are almost always designed as tranquil, secluded spaces, with private terraces and indulgent bathtubs to complete the list of private pleasures. Villa Beyond, which is available for private rental by Luxury Villa Phuket, is a prime example of luxury and elegance in an architectural symphony of stone, wood, concrete and steel. This sleek, magnificent home overlooks the pristine waters of the Andaman sea and the green vistas of Bang Tao, one of Phuket's most desirable areas. Locals say: “True paradise begins in Phuket and ends only in your imagination. It is where memories are made, and the definition of 'paradise' is reaffirmed.”

It is hard not to believe that when one is confronted by private beachfront rental properties like Villa Chan Grajang, also operated by Luxury Villa Phuket. This property is the embodiment of Phuket’s particular brand of luxury interior design. An eclectic mix of Asian and Western furnishings, the villa features an enormous living room with panoramic sea views, beautifully landscaped gardens, spacious balconies, and a full Western kitchen. Hardwood floors and vaulted ceilings, Sutherland teak furniture and Dedon beds mean this villa is as comfortable as it is elegant. It would be an unimaginative tourist who did not leave any of these luxury beachfront and hillside villa rentals in Phuket, without a wealth of ideas to copy back home.